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Practice workshop in Leipzig

Starter10:00 mandag, 20 januar 2020

Slutter16:00 mandag, 20 januar 2020

On 20th of January 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. a practical workshop will be held. Workshop will take place on a large dairy farm close Leipzig.

With practical demonstrations on a dairy farm, under real conditions, this workshop offers perfect insights into:
· Claw care work
· Practical implementation and organization as well as assessment of hoof care
· Fixation measures and stress-free handling of the animals, as well as workplace design during hoof care
· Biosecurity, hygiene measures in the area of ​​claws

The practical demonstrations are carried out on selected systems from various manufacturers of professional hoof care. The course enables farmers, hoof trimmers as well practicing veterinarians to get a lot of information. This is suitable especially for users who are looking for the optimal system for themselves and a good opportunity for the manufacturers who wants to present their systems in a practical conditions.

University of Leipzig
Clinic for hoofed animals
At the veterinary clinics 11
04103 Leipzig

KVK will also be there and demonstrate a fully hydraulic chute with lead in pen.

For questions, please contact us.