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Here you can read the story of KVK

and find out when to meet us at our next Event. 

Open-door day

Starts11:00 Friday, 07 June 2019

Ends00:00 Friday, 07 June 2019

On 07.06.2019 KVK will be 50 years old, enough reason to celebrate this event with you.

On Friday, 07.06.2019, it starts at 11:00 clock. We have prepared a lot for the claw care. It will be a cozy and exciting day!

Of course, there is also something to eat and drink, a pig will turn over the fire, draft beer and other drinks are served, and you are invited.

In a well-known Danish cosiness the day ends in the evening.

If we can help you find a place to stay, please let us know and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.