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Mixingtip 10 pcs CowDream/Hoof-Tite Cold

  • Overall length 155 mm
  • Ideal for Hoof-Tite COLD and CowDream glue
  • Use 8-10 pcs. per 1 cartridge
  • Thorough mixing of adhesive components
  • Precise adhesive application
  • Ideal for applying glue on wooden and rubber blocks
  • mixing area length 120 mm


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Product benefits

Easy and quick application

Thorough mixing of adhesive components.


Precise adhesive application on wooden and rubber blocks.

Simple and safe to use

The mixing tips are very easy to put on the cartridge and remove after gluing.

Perfect match

The tip is ideally suited to the adhesive having the right length of mixing area.

Product characteristic

Easy and quick application
The mixing tip allows you to thoroughly mix the two-component adhesive and obtain its correct consistency. We do not waste unnecessary glue during use.

Simple and safe to use
The tip is very easy to put on the cartridge and easy to remove after gluing. The nozzle has been specially developed for two-component adhesives with a capacity of 200 and 210 ml.

The adhesive is applied to wooden and rubber blocks precisely, ensuring proper sticking of the block surface. It also ensures its proper dosage.

Perfect match
The tip has been ideally designed so that both components of the adhesive are mixed together as accurately as possible. The mixing area does not allow the resin and hardener to be mixed together too early.

In our offer you will also find mixing tips packed in 100 pcs.

Further information

How to apply the adhesive correctly
The adhesive should be placed in the application gun. Then remove the glue plug and place a mixing tip in its place, which will allow us to mix the glue components. Now align the cartridge with the adhesive by setting it straight up, and then squeeze the gun handle to apply to remove air.

Then remove the small amount of glue that has appeared, so that the two components mix best together. Now you can apply glue to the prepared block, which will then be placed quickly on the cleaned and dried hoof. We recommend using a hot air gun to dry the hoof.

After about 30 seconds, the glue will have set, and after 2-3 minutes the hoof will be able to bear the weight of the animal again. The mixing tip should remain on the cartridge until the adhesive is needed again. Only then change the mixing tip to a new one.

It is very important for good adhesion of the glue that the hoofs are properly prepared for this treatment. It must be cleaned and dried. The claw can be cut so that it has a rough surface, thanks to which the grip will be better. Pressing the block smeared with glue can not do it with too much force because then too much glue can flow out and between the hoof and the block its layer will be too thin.

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