Diamond abrasive pencil round

  • perfect to sharpen hoof knives
  • easy to use
  • comfortable
  • length 34 mm
  • diameter 4 mm


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Product benefits

Simple Solution

Can easily be inserted into electrical drills and grinders

Easy Resharpening Process

Resharpe your tools whenever needed

Ideal to sharpen the curve of a hoof knife

This simple sharpening solution facilitates the re-sharpening of the curve of a hoof knife.

High quality

This diamond coated grinding pencil is made from the highest materials.

Product characteristic

This diamond grinding stick can be used to sharpen hoof knives.

Simple sharpening solution
This sharpening solution can be inserted into electrical drills and grinders up to a maximum speed of 20.000rpm.  Making the process of sharpening your tools very simple and quik- also when you are on the move.

Easy resharpening process
Move the grinding stock along the cutting edge and curve with gentle pressure to achieve the best outcome.

High quality
The diamond coated grinding stick is high quality and will provide you with an effective tool.

This diamond coated grinder can also be used for other cutting tools than hoof trimming knives. 

Further information

How to use it?
Insert the pencil into the machine. To sharpen, drag the blade by lightly pressing down on the steel at an angle of about 20-degrees. For the best results, repeat the process 10 to 20 times. Now flip the blade over and repeat on the other side. Finally, wipe the knife with a cloth to remove the metal fillings.

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