CowDream Wrap Buster 110 cm

  • Length 110 cm
  • Removes dressings quickly and safely
  • Strong, hard wooden shaft
  • High quality blade
  • Remains sharp for a long time
  • Perfect tool for every farm


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Product benefits

High quality steel

Blade made of high quality steel. Very sharp for a long time.


The bandage remover ensures that the dressing can be removed on distance with inprove safety. Often used in the milking parlor or when the cow is laying.

Easy to handle

The thick and solid 110 cm wooden handle is resistant to almost all stresses, and the rubberized handle ensures good work.

Get the job done

The blade has been designed in such a way as to remove the dressing as soon as possible with maximum safety for the animal.

Product characteristic

High quality steel
The 3mm blade is produced from high quality stainless steel and only sharpened on one side allowing for the sharpness to be maintained for as long as possible.  

Easy to handle
The thick and solid  wood handle can resist almost any strain applied to it, while the rubber covered handled ensures at good working grib. 

The wrap cutter allows for a safe removal of bandages from the cows legs or hooves, while minimizing injuries for cow or user. 

Gets the job done
The rounded edgof the very sharp blade  makes it easy for the wrap buster to slide down the bandages, find and remove it without hurting the cow. This is done quick and easy.  

Further information

The CowDream bandage remover is an very usefull tool on any farm, both for the farmer and the hoof trimmer. Dressings should be removed up to 5 days after putting them on, so buying a knife to remove dressings allows you to remove such dressing safely and quickly.

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