Hoof knife Bison, right

  • Item no. 2485
  • Blade made of high alloyed steel
  • short, narrow, straight blade
  • 0° scalpel cutting edge
  • Kotibe wood handle
  • Length 67 mm, width 8 mm


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Product benefits

High alloyed steel

The knives are made of high alloyed steel, allowing the knife to be corrosion resistance, which gives a good performance.

Hard handle

The handle is made from Kotibe wood, which makes for a strong a solid handle.

Suitable for hard hooves

The extra sharpe 0°- scalpel cutting edge  is particularly useful for trimming hard hoof and high demand.   

Straight blade design

The knife is designed with a straight blade providing the user with a good experience. 

Product characteristic

High alloyed steel
The Bison hoof knife is made of alloyed steel and is equipped with a polished short straight blade with 0° scalpel cutting edge for a long performance.

Suitable for hard hooves
The blade geometry and sharpness are ideal for working with hard feet. The Bison knife meets the highest expectations and guarantees quick and comfortable work. It was made with high attention to detail.

Hard handle
The Bison hoof knife handle is made of African Kotibe wood. It is very tough and durable.

Straight blade design
The knife has a short, straight blade. It is characterized by high sharpness. It does not require frequent sharpening because it stays sharp for a very long time.

Further information

The Bison hoof knife is the best choice when it comes to blade quality. Steel that has undergone the process of hardening and then tempering is an ideal material for knives. It maintains high sharpness for a long time, and also facilitates re-sharpening, making it very easy to work during hoof trimming.

In our offer you can also find left-handed Bison hoof knife.

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