Hoof trimming chute model 650-SP2 Hydro

  • Double belly band system
  • Resistant in aggressive environments
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Individual height adjustment
  • KVK hoof support system
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Product benefits

Double belly band system

Designed with a hydraulic double belly band system for extra comfort and stability during hoof trimming

KVK hoof support system

Hydraulic operated and rigid hoof support plates that allow for gentle fixation of the hoof and good overview for trimming.

Resistant in aggressive environments

Fully galvanised and therefore very resistant towards aggressive environments

Animal welfare

The front leg suspension is developed, so it enables the cow’s natural anatomical leg position not to be broken.

Product characteristics

The KVK Model 650-SP2 Hydro is an on-farm solution that is easy and simple to operate while at the same time giving you the feeling of working like a professional. The chute is developed and designed to meet today’s growing demand for hoof trimming, while providing a high comfort to trimmer and livestock during the hoof trimming. The 650-SP2 Hydro is designed to perform hoof trimming of livestock between 200-900kg.

The KVK hoof support system
The unique KVK hoof support system provides a ridged surface to trimming against allowing for the trimmer to use both hands for optimal work flow and more precise trimming. The hoof support plates can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction making sure the hood is support in the best way possible, which is important in the treatment or blocking of the hoof. 

Essential hydraulic functions
The model 650-SP2 Hydro is equipped with all the essential hydraulic functions making for a good working flow.

The legs are lifted and placed on the hoof support plates with help from hydraulic winches while the leg sleeves allow for an easy and gentle fixation during this lifting process. The hydraulic double belly band system provides comfort and stability for the livestock during the trimming. The system also offers the usage of the chute for other treatment purposes, while it exposes the udder.

Easy and simple to operate
The design of the 650-SP2 Hydro with a hydraulic lifting system, which can be individually adjusted, provides you with a good working posture during the trimming making it easier for you to trim for longer periods of time. The chutes is equipped with rubber plates under the feet, which makes it very stable and help reduce noise.

The side-hinged backdoor is designed to be part of the barrier when guiding the livestock into the chute, while open it block the cows flight route to the right side. At the same time the side-hinged back door enables the usage of the back door for storage purposes creating an easy access to the equipment needed for trimming such as knives, bandages etc.

 The four LED working lights placed above all hooves creates the optimal visibility of the working area during the trimming, which is very important in the detect of illnesses.

Easy maintenance
The hoof trimming chute model 650-SP2 Hydro is fully galvanised making the surface of the chute very durable and therefore very resistant towards aggressive environments, which can be found on farms.

The floor of the chute is covered in a special rubber mat, which is very durable and made of a material which can withstand the usage of strong cleaning detergents. Furthermore, the rubber mat is designed with a non-slip surface and a technology the absorbs the weight of the cow into the mat, making it ideal for securing the footing of the cows.

The back of the floor is designed with a grid, so that faeces will not accumulate on the floor of the chute making it slippery and securing that the hoof is not covered in faeces and making it cleaning-friendly.

Animal welfare
The 650-SP2 Hydro is developed and designed on the basis of the anatomy and movement of the cow trying to make the chute as suitable as possible for the livestock undergoing trimming. Therefore animal welfare and comfort has and will always be one of the key factors in our development of our hoof trimming chutes.

On this basis the hydraulic front gates are designed to “catch” the animal in it’s movement into the chutes, while the gates open from the inside towards the outside. Therefore the animal is not stopped abruptly in it movement. Furthermore the front gate are individually adjustable in, so the fit both smaller and larger livestock.

The front and back leg suspension are placed at an angles, which takes into account the cow’s natural movement and therefore don’t put extra stain on joints and tendons, because it doesn’t forces these into outer positions.   

All components on the chutes are handpicked to minimize noise, while this can help reduce the stress levels for the cow and therefore create a better cow flow and working environment for cow and hoof trimmer.

Technical information

The 650-SP2HY hoof trimming chute is CE approved, while it meets the strict requirements of the Machine Directive:

  • Directive 2006/42/EC-
  • Annex I Essential Health And Safety Requirements
  • S/EN 60204-1
  • DS/EN ISO 13849-1
  • Directive 2004/108/EC


A standard model 650-SP2HY includes the following
Hydraulic front winchOptional extra
Front gate open/closehydraulic
Back door open/closemanual
Double belly bandhydraulic
Lifting/lowering of the chutehydraulic
Leg winch all 4 legshydraulic
Adjustable hoof support plate (in/out, right/left)hydraulic
Individual working heightYes
Mechanical brakeOptional extra
Led working lights4 pcs
Heating cabinetOptional extra
Hot-dip GalvanizedYes
Transport wheels4 (2x front and 2x back)
Gallow with a socketYes
Knife holders3 pcs.
Cup holder1 pcs
Hot air gun holder1 pcs
Rubber floor matYes
Hoof support systemYes
Socket2 pcs.
General information
Length x width250 x 160 cm
Height with gallow210 cm
Lowest possible transport height210 cm
Height, lifted with gallow250 cm
Height on wheels230 cm
Standing length
Front gate to backdoor
Front gate to cross bar
195 cm
175 cm
Weight850 kg
Maximum lifting capacity at 150 barsChute: 3000 kg
Belly band (lift): 720 kg
Belly band (hold): 1600 kg
Surface treatmentHot dip galvanized
Livestock, optimal weight200-900 kg
Hydraulic and Electrical System
Electrical Motor2,2 kW
Hydraulic Pump unit max operating pressure180 Bar
Hydraulic system working pressure30-150 Bar
Hydraulic OilStandard 32
Electrical controlIndividual adapted to country specifications


Individual configuration
You can choose from a variety of extras such as cup holders, knife holders, rubber belly band, mechanical breaks for the legs etc. On our webpage ww.kvk.dk you are able to build your own chute, so it meets your wishes and requirements.

Further information

Functionality & animal welfare
The from KVK efficient hoof fixation plate system supports the Hooftrimmer with the functional hoof care and protects the to be treated animal. The hydraulic hoof fixation plates ensure that the hoofs are firmly fixed and the Hooftrimmer can look at the hoof from above. This enables a natural feeling of work.

Maintenance and correct handling
KVK has summarized all the information you need to handle this hoof trimming chute properly in a manual which is delivered with the machine.

The right spare parts always at hand
If you need spare parts or have questions about the chute, do not hesitate to directly contact your personal KVK contact person. A list of spare parts can be found here and can be ordered individually and quickly, either independently or by arrangement.

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