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Hoof trimming chute Model 650-SP3

  • Efficient and ergonomical hoof restraint
  • Hydraulic front gate
  • Hydraulic back gate
  • Hydraulic harness lift
  • Hydraulic raising of the chute
  • Hydraulic leg lift
  • Hydraulic hoof support plates
  • Galvanized
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Product benefits

Ergonomic work

The 650-SP3 hoof trimming chute enables the hoof trimmer to work in an ergonomic position while hoof care.

Animal welfare

The animals are fixed gently and spared by low noise pollution.

High quality standards

KVK products go through a constant test and optimization process.

Spare parts

always available

Product characteristics

Developed on the basis of many years of experience
The 650-SP3 hoof trimming chute was developed with 50 years of experience. In order to continue to meet current and future requirements, the KVK hoof trimming chutes go through constant tests and optimization processes.

A high level of occupational safety
Above all, the importance of operational safety and a solid construction was in the focus when developing the Model 650-SP3 hoof trimming chute. Particular attention was paid to an ergonomic working posture so that this hoof trimming crush can be adjusted to an individual working height. In addition, optimal lighting is attached to all work areas.

A sustainable solution for functional hoof care
The hoof trimming chute model 650-SP3 offers an ideal solution for the high demands of today’s hoof care.

Long service life and animal-friendly applicability
All hydraulic functions are dampened by hydraulic pressure. This ensures that the applications carried out have a very gentle and stress-reducing effect on the animal.

Technical dataModel 650-SP3
Overall length x width247 x 158 cm
Height200 cm
Height lifted248 cm
Height on wheels202-215 cm
Height inside165 cm
Width inside84 cm
Weight890 kg
Electric motor3 kW

Further information

Functionality & animal welfare
The from KVK hoof care and protects the to be treated animal. The hydraulic hoof fixation plates ensure that the hoofs are firmly fixed and the hoof trimmer can look at the hoof from above. This enables a natural feeling of work.

High quality requirements
The 650-SP3 hoof trimming chute meets the strict requirements of the Machinery Directive:

Directive 2006/42/EC:
DS/EN 60204-1:
DS/EN ISO 13849-1:
Directive 2004/108/EC:

with background in meeting these strikt direcktives the machine is CE approved

Maintenance and correct handling
KVK has summarized all the information you need to handle this hoof trimming chute properly in a manual which comes with the machine at delivery..

The right spare parts always at hand
If you need spare parts or have questions about the chute, do not hesitate to directly contact your personal KVK contact person. A list of spare parts can be found here and can be ordered individually and quickly, either independently or by arrangement.

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