Lead-in pen model 500-1 painted

  • The “large” solution with compact dimensions
  • Electric hydraulic hand pump
  • Integrated transport wheels
  • 4 aluminium gates
  • Possibility of crane lifting
  • Hydraulic front winch


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Product benefits

Efficient cow traffic

Lead-in pen model 500-1 allows efficient cow traffic to the hoof trimming chute, so that both trimmer and cattle get the best experience of the trimming situation.

High quality standard

Lead-in pen model 500-1 is produced to the same high quality standard as KVK’s hoof trimming chutes.

Animal welfare

The lead-in pen contributes to the cow experiencing the hoof trimming situation less stressful, as they are guided and not disturbed in their walk towards the hoof trimming chute.

All-in-one solution

Model 500-1 is an all-in-one solution with 4 high integrated aluminum gates and a waiting box, which ensures the hoof trimmer an optimal workflow throughout the process.

Product characterisctic

Lead-in pen model 500-1 is an efficient solution with its integrated wheels and compact transport dimensions. Model 500-1 is an all-in-one solution with its 4 tall integrated aluminum gates and waiting box, which ensures efficient and optimal cow traffic. In addition, the lead-in pen has an integrated electrical hydraulic front winch.

Efficient cow traffic
Adding a lead-in pen to your KVK hoof trimming chute supports the ability to achieve a faster and more efficient workflow, as the cattle are led directly towards the hoof trimming chute without the need for constant encouragement. This minimizes the stress experienced of the cow and enables an easier work process for the hoof trimmer. It also makes it easier for one person to handle the work process.

Ideal solution for all hoof trimming chutes
Lead-in pen model 500-1 can be used together with all hoof trimming chutes from KVK.

Developed on the basis of many years of experience
KVK’s more than 50 years of experience is the basis for the development of this lead-in pen, so that it complies with current and future requirements.

Hydraulic pump
The model 500-1 is equipped with a hydraulic hand pump to lift the entire lead-in pen onto the wheels and a crane hook to load the pen on and off the trailer.

Lead-in pen model 500-1 can be used together with the following KVK hoof trimming chutes:
• Model 1000-1
• Model 800-1
• Model 650-SP3
• Model 650-SP2
• Model 650-SP2HY


Technical dataModel 500-1
Dimension during transport 
Lenght230 cm
Width120 cm
Height200 cm
Dimension in use 
Lenght of lead-in gates400 cm
Lenght of holding pen250 cm
Entrance (WxH)75 x 175 cm
Weight500 kg
Total lenght860 cm
Pump0,75 kW

Further information

Functionality & animal welfare
Lead-in pen model 500-1 is galvanized with specially developed aluminium gates. The design of the lead-in pen supports KVK’s constant focus on animal welfare, as it reduces the stress on the cow in connection with hoof trimming. In addition, the lead-in pen enables a convenient and safe working procedure for the hoof trimmer.

Easy handling
The integrated transport wheels and the hydraulic hand pump make it easy to handle and transport the lead-in pen to the desired place in the barn. While the design and construction of the pen provides a compact transport measure.

Spare parts always at hand
If you need spare parts or have questions about the KVK products, do not hesitate to directly contact your personal KVK contact person. A list of spare parts can be found here and can be ordered individually and quickly, either independently or by arrangement.

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