Hoof trimming chute model 800-1 Powerpack

  • The powerpack power-system allows the chute to be workable all over the world
  • Efficient and ergonomic hoof support system for front and back legs
  • All functions are fully hydraulic
  • Adjustable working height for optimal working posture
  • Low noise level
  • Stable and continuous electric current performance
  • PLC control unit, which gives the user data about the chute
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Product benefits

Powerpack system

Hybrid power system, which enables the chute to be used in countries with lower current strength than 260V.

Ergonomic work posture

The design of the hoof trimming chute allows the hoof trimmer to perform his work in an ergonomic position during hoof trimming.

Animal welfare

Developed with special focus on the anatomy of the cow to ensure low stress and comfort for the cow during hoof trimming.

KVK’s unique hoof support system

The rigid hoof support ensures that the hoof trimmer can use both hands during trimming and thereby achieve an optimal workflow and precise trimming.

Product characteristics

The hoof trimming chute model 800-1 Powerpack is KVK’s five-star hybrid model with fully hydraulic functions, quiet components and with a strong focus on optimal comfort for the trimmer as well as the cow. This hoof trimming model is mainly used by professional hoof trimmers where the electrical current is lower than 260V on a single phase.

Model 800-1 Powerpack meets the highest standard for fast and efficient hoof care and is the optimal solution for today’s demand in hoof trimming. It has been developed and designed to perform hoof care on cattle weighing between 200 and 900 kg – while providing the animals with optimal comfort during trimming.

KVK’s Powerpack system
The unique powerpack system has been developed to create stable power even at lower electrical current then 260V with a single phase system. The chute can be used simple by connecting it to an ordinary household outlet and achieving the same efficient and stable operation of the chute as with a power outlet with a three phase 400V system. This is only possible with the help of the specially designed powerpack system, where the electrical current is accumulated and used, so that the chute can perform more than what may be available in the individual barn. This creates an even amperage where the speed and functions of the chute are not affected.
The motor is supplied by a large battery pack mounted on the chute, which allows operation of the chute without the use of electricity for shorter periods of time. This can be an advantage during set-up and loading of the hoof trimming chute.

Fully hydraulic functions
The model 800-1 hoof trimming crush has fully hydraulic functions, which all are overload protected to minimize the risk of injuries or stains to the animal during the trimming. The hydraulic functions are:

  • front winch
  • front door
  • back door
  • double belly bands
  • lifting and lowering the chute
  • four winches; one for each leg
  • control of the plates for the hoof support system

 – in / out

 – left / right

The KVK model 800-1 Powerpack uses a serial hydraulic system, which allows for multiple operations of the functions at the same time making the chute highly efficient.

The front doors are designed to open both inwards and outward (90 degrees inwards, 90 degress outwards = 180 degrees in total). When closing the doors from the inside towards the outside, you meet the movement of the cow, and the cow is not stopped abruptly by sideways moving doors. Opening the front doors outwards when the cow leaves the chute allows for a large and fully open exit way without any visible obstacles.

Hoof support system
The unique KVK hoof support system allows for the hoof trimmer to use both hands for optimal workflow and more precise trimming and ensures that the hoof is fixed with a minimal discomfort for the cow. The hoof support plates firmly fix the hoof, so the hoof trimmer can look at the hoof from above creating a better overview of the hoof. The hoof support system creates a rigid background for the hoof trimmer to trim against, which contributes to a more precise and safe trimming. This combined with the individual adjusted height of the chute, enables a more natural ergonomic upright working posture for the hoof trimmer. 

Optimal working conditions
The KVK model 800-1 hoof trimming crush is designed and development on the basis of more that 50 years of experience. Particular attention is paid to ensure an ergonomic correct working posture for the hoof trimmer, which means that the chute can be adjusted to an individual working height. This will provide the hoof trimmer with a more comfortable posture during a long day.

The model 800-1 is equipped with 5 LED lamps strategically placed above each hoof and over the front door. The lights automatically turn off, when the chute is lowered and turn on when it is lifted. This is to ensure a less stressful environment for the cows. When the cow enters the chute the 4 lights placed above the hoofs are off and the light at the front door is on, so the cow is drawn towards the front door and into the chute. All lights can also be turn on, which is useful during washing and maintenance, especially in areas with minimal light available.

To create an optimal workflow the model 800-1 has easy access to the holders for hoof trimming equipment, which are placed close to the working areas above the hooves. The heating cabinet allows for storage of glue, mixing tips, glue dispensing gun and bandages. The heating cabinet ensures the right temperature for the glue, since it automatically turns on, when the temperature drops below 18 degrees.

PLC – data overview of your chute
The KVK model 800-1 is equipped with a PLC screen (Programmable Logic Controller), which provides the user with data about the chute. On the PLC screen you are able to keep track of the number of cows, that have been trimmed: per herd, daily or in total. The PLC also enables you to see the total amount of operationg hours for the chute, and it will inform you of the need for service.

In an electrical fault occurs, such as an activated stop button, the screen will inform you about this, so you are able to correct it and resume work.

Animal welfare
The KVK model 800-1 provides the hoof trimmer with a chute with high focus on animal welfare and comfort during the hoof trimming. Ensuring a low-stress environment for the cow during hoof  trimming allows for a better workflow and therefor is a high priority in the design of a KVK chute. The model 800-1 is equipped with components that helps reduce the noise level, max. 64 dB during normal work, to ensure a stress reduced environment for the livestock during hoof trimming.

All hydraulic functioned are damped by hydraulic pressure to make sure that lifting the cow and fixating the hoof in the hoof support system is carried out in the most gentle and stress-reduced way possible.

Technical information

The 800-1 Powerpack hoof trimming chute is CE approved, while it meets the strict requirements of the Machine Directive:

  • Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Annex I Essential Health And Safety Requirements
  • S/EN 60204-1
  • DS/EN ISO 13849-1
  • Directive 2004/108/EC
A standard model 800-1 POWERPACK includes the following
Hydraulic front winchNo
Front gate open/closehydraulic
Back door open/closehydraulic
Double belly bandhydraulic
Lifting/lowering of the chutehydraulic
Leg winch all 4 legshydraulic
Adjustable hoof support plate (in/out, right/left)hydraulic
Individual working heightYes
Mechanical brakeYes
Led working lights5 pcs
Heating cabinetYes
Hot-dip GalvanizedOptional extras
Green powder coating with a zink baseYes
Transport wheels4 (2x front and 2x back)
Gallow with socketYes
Knives holders2 pcs.
Cup holder1 pcs
Hot air gun holder1 pcs
Rubber floor matYes
Hoof support systemYes
Socket4 pcs
Battery packageYes
General information
Length x width295 x 150 cm
Height with gallow235 cm
Lowest possible transport height230 cm
Height, lifted with gallow290 cm
Height on wheels255 cm
Standing length
Front gate to backdoor
Front gate to cross bar
200 cm
180 cm
Weight1370 kg
Maximum lifting capacity at 150 barsChute: 4000 kg
Belly band (lift): 900 kg
Belly band (hold): 1600 kg
Surface treatmentGreen powder coating with a zink base
Livestock, optimal weight200-900 kg
Hydraulic and Electrical System
Electrical Motor5,5 kW
Hydraulic Pump unit max operating pressure180 Bar
Hydraulic system, working pressure30-150 Bar
Hydraulic OilStandard 32
Electrical controlSuitable for all power types from 110V up to 260V AC 50/60HZ
PLC, Info screen (operation data)Yes

Individual configuration
The surface of the 800-1 Powerpack is powder-coated as standard which enables a very easy cleaning after hoof trimming. As an alternative, this chute can also be supplied as a galvanized version. In addition to this option, the customer can choose from various extras such as cup holders, LED work lamps, different extra functions and more. On our webpage ww.kvk.dk you are able to build your own chute, so it meets your wishes and requirements.

Further information

Developed on the basis of many years of experience
The 800-1 hoof trimming chute was developed with 50 years of experience. In order to continue and to meet current and future requirements, the KVK hoof trimming chutes go through constant tests and optimisation processes.

Maintenance and correct handling
KVK has summarised all the information you need to handle this hoof trimming chute properly in a manual which is delivered together with the chute.

The right spare parts always at hand
If you need spare parts or have questions about the chute, do not hesitate to directly contact your personal KVK contact person. A list of spare parts can be found here and can be ordered individually and quickly, either independently or by arrangement.


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H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

H315 Causes skin irritation.

H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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H351 Suspected of causing cancer.

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H373 May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.

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Aaron was introduced to the dairy industry in 2000 after serving 4 years in the United States Navy when he took a job on a small dairy farm. It was on this farm that he found his passion for working with cows. Fascinated with many aspects of the farm, he took a particular interest in hoof trimming and decided to start his hoof trimming business in 2004. After completing a course on the Dutch Method Aaron continued to study the anatomy and bone structure of the bovine hoof to refine his hoof trimming style, called “The Balance Method”. In 2014 Aaron founded Midwestern Hoof Trimming School and has since been requested to consult for large dairy farms worldwide. Aaron has trained hundreds of hoof trimmers with various skill sets, from beginners to veteran professionals, on The Balance Method. He has been selected to speak at conferences and universities globally and has hosted workshops in 7 different counties. Aaron continues to exercise his passion as an active hoof trimmer and services several local top dairy farms in Wisconsin.
Aaron is a husband, a father of 6, and a grandfather. He enjoys spending time with his family and participating in outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and fishing. His other passions include woodworking and primitive skills.

Contact information: midwesternhoofcare@gmail.com

Intracare improves the health and well-being of animals, plants and consumers. Our innovative strength creates sustainable growth and financial returns for farmers and businesses.
The Intra Hoof & Skin Care programme is scientifically proven to realize lameness below 5% and is safe for the user, animal and environment.

Its practical protocol and convenience to use sets the fresh green standard for hoof trimmers and dairy farmers. Intracare is the only company with non-antibiotic veterinary medicines to cure digital dermatitis with a gel or aerosol spray. Complementary footbath and spray products have been developed for full herd maintenance.

Intra Hoof-fit Technology includes chelated organic minerals and a firm adhesion. Production under GMP pharma conditions guarantees a consistent high product quality.

Sophie was born and educated in Australia, with a background of agriculture and livestock. She now lives in Sweden and has worked as an animal science researcher for the Swedish University of Agriculture for 16 years (during which time she gained her PhD). Her research activities included a wide range of cattle and pig industry funded projects relevant to improving farm animal welfare during handling, transport and at slaughter, and its link to improved product quality. She also started a company based on her livestock experiences both in Australia and Sweden, where she has conducted both consultation services and practical workshops, promoting low stress handling of cattle, pigs, and sheep. She has delivered over a 100 practical handling courses throughout Scandinavia, where both people and livestock attended.

Piet Kloosterman is a world-renowned and well respected Dutch hoof trimming trainer. He was born and raised on a farm in Friesland and worked from 1980 – 2017 as an instructor/ trainer in Dairy Husbandry at Practical Training Centre (IPC/ PTC +/ DTC) in Oenkerk, The Netherlands. In 1988 he became Head of the Hoof Trimming Department of the Training Centre, training hoof trimming in a wide range of countries over the world.

The main subject for training is hoof trimming in the “Dutch Method” developed by Mr. E. Toussaint Raven from the Veterinairy Faculty of Utrecht. The method is adopted and tutored by the Training Centre Oenkerk to agricultural students, farmers, farm workers, veterinarians and professional hoof trimmers (Diploma course), not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. The Training Centre Oenkerk is an international college for practical training in animal husbandry and grasslandmanagement. Location Oenkerk was the international college for Dairy Husbandry and training goats, sheep and horses.

Piet started international hoof care courses in 1986 in Ireland and from 1987 regularly in the UK (Farmkey, later Genus). He worked for the last 25 years closely with Embryonics in the UK. He was the Secretary and founder of the Dutch Hoof Trimmers Association for 17 years and is a regular visitor of the International Symposia of Lameness in Ruminants, North American congresses of the Hoof Trimmers Association and the annual meetings of the NACFT (UK hoof trimmers association).

Hobbies: ice skating, reading, hiking, traveling

Contact information: mailpietkloosterman@gmail.com

Intracare improves the health and well-being of animals, plants and consumers. Our innovative strength creates sustainable growth and financial returns for farmers and businesses.
The Intra Hoof & Skin Care programme is scientifically proven to realize lameness below 5% and is safe for the user, animal and environment.

Its practical protocol and convenience to use sets the fresh green standard for hoof trimmers and dairy farmers. Intracare is the only company with non-antibiotic veterinary medicines to cure digital dermatitis with a gel or aerosol spray. Complementary footbath and spray products have been developed for full herd maintenance.

Intra Hoof-fit Technology includes chelated organic minerals and a firm adhesion. Production under GMP pharma conditions guarantees a consistent high product quality.

Kurt Bach is a veterinarian employed by Viking Denmark, where he works with development, teaching and advice in better hoof health in dairy cows. Kurt is a trained farmer and trained as a veterinarian in 2008, where he wrote a thesis on finding digital dermatitis in the milking parlor. From 2013 to 2018, Kurt has been employed as a lecturer and PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. Here he has primarily worked with ultrasound scanning of hooves and research into changes in the hooves around calving. Kurt has passed the Danish hoof trimmer exam and currently teaches the Danish hoof trimmer education.
Viking Denmark is Denmark's largest breeding association.

Jessie studied Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University from 2017 - 2021, with a focus on farm animals and public health. She performed her Masters program in Melbourne, Australia, where she did a 3 months research internship investigating the prevalence of Digital Dermatitis among cattle in Victoria, Australia. This work has been published in The Australian Veterinary Journal (10.1111/avj.12859). In 2018 she performed a research internship at Utrecht University to investigate different treatment approaches for digital dermatitis. This study is currently under review for publication. Next to claw health, she independently investigated the prevalence of udder cleft dermatitis and effect of a treatment with a copper- and zinc chelates spray. The results of study will be presented at the KVK Symposium.

Currently Jessie is working as a ruminant veterinarian in the South of the Netherlands. Besides cows, she treats sheep, goats and alpaca's. She is also really interested in horses, having 2 sporthorses, which she rides under the saddle (dressage, cross country and hunting). Besides horses, she’s owning a dog named Broome, a lovely Australian Shepherd.

Hobbies: Jessie loves spending time outdoors; trailrunning, mountainbiking and road cycling. 

Mail: jessiehesseling@live.nl