Below you can compare our different hoof trimming crushes. Find the hoof trimming chute that best fits your needs, whether you are a professional Hooftrimmer or a farmer who wants to trim his own cattle.

Choose the chutes you want to compare by clicking on the photos below. In the comparison you will find a video that explains the hoof trimming crush step by step and shows it in practice.

  • 1000-1
  • 800-1-Powerpack
  • 800-1
  • 650-SP3
  • 650-SP2HY
  • 650-SP2
  • 650-SP0


  1000-1 800-1-Powerpack 800-1 650-SP3 650-SP2HY 650-SP2 650-SP0
Hydraulic front winch✔️No✔️optional extrasoptional extrasoptional extras 
Front gate open/closehydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicmanualmanual
Back door open/closehydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicmanualmanualmanual
Double belly bandhydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicelectric
Lifting/lowering of the chutehydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicmanual
Leg winch all 4 legshydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicmanual
Adjustable hoof support plate in/out – right/lefthydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulichydraulicmanualmanual
Mechanical brake✔️✔️✔️optional extrasoptional extrasoptional extras 
LED rugged working lights5 automatic controlled5 automatic controlled5 automatic controlled444 
Heating cabinet✔️✔️✔️optional extras   
Hot-dip Galvanizedoptional extrasoptional extrasoptional extras✔️✔️✔️✔️
Powder coating with zink base Colour Green✔️✔️✔️    
Overall length x width305×160 cm295×150 cm275×150 cm250×160 cm250×160 cm250×160 cm250×145 cm
Height230 cm235 cm212 cm215 cm210 cm210 cm205 cm
Height lifted285 cm290 cm270 cm265 cm250 cm250 cm240 cm
Height on wheels255 cm255 cm240 cm230 cm230 cm230 cm200-210 cm
Height inside185 cm170 cm170 cm165 cm165 cm165 cm165 cm
Width inside94 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm
Weight1450 kg1370 kg1150 kg890 kg850 kg840 kg500 kg
Electric motor5,5 kW5,5 kW5,5 kW3 kW2,2 kW2,2 kW1,1 kW
The hoof trimming crush in practice (video)movie unavailablemovie unavailablemovie unavailable