KVK Hydra Klov is a modern company devoted to engineering and manufacturing hoof care and hoof trimming equipment. KVK Hydra Klov was founded in 1969 by Karl Viktor Kornerup, who was a fully qualified hoof trimmer, trained at the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural College. Since then Kornerup’s original simple frame has been consistently reengineered, and today’s products are highly efficient and fitted with hydraulics. KVK’s customers are assured of the benefits of more than 50 years’ work with hoof trimming chutes. Our chutes are developed to withstand high loads in tough environments.

Karl Viktor Kornerup died in 2007. KVK Hydra Klov was then run by Palle Fjord Thomsen until 2009, when KVK became part of the Granly Group. The decision to merge was taken to ensure that the company could continue to meet the increasing demand for KVK Hoof trimming chutes. Our products are in daily use all over the world.

KVK continues to develop its popular products and accessories and guarantees just-in-time delivery across the globe. There are many KVK products in use internationally, from northern Norwary and Iceland to Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and from Canada to Japan.

KVK works closely with Granly Steel A/S, which is famous for high quality products and precision delivery.

“The Granly Way” forms the foundation for success in the Granly Group

KVK Hydra Klov is part of the Granly Group, which is made up of a family of highly specialized companies which all originated from GRANLY smede- og Maskinfabrik (The Granly forge and engineering works). Each company in the group has its own specialized skills and fields of operation, and consequently we can handle many different types of work in offshore and onshore sectors such as wind turbine industry, oil- and gas, subcontracting, shipbuilding and -repairs, construction, agriculture and heavy industry. We have over 500 experienced and reliable employees who will do their utmost to help you.

More than 50 Years of Experience

KVK has been producing and selling hoof trimming chutes for over 50 years. Our chute construction is tried and tested.



High Quality

KVK is famous from high quality products and focus on customer service. We stand ahead in quality.



#1 Supplier in Region

Today KVK`s products are in use internationally – from Northern Norway and Iceland to Saudi Arabia and Dubai, from Canada to Japan.

Best in the Market

KVK’s chutes provide an optimal working posture to the trimmer and minimum discomfort  for animals. Best choice for professional hoof trimmers.