KVK’s hoof trimming chutes provide an optimum working posture to the trimmer and minimum discomfort to the livestock. They ensure that cows balance correctly on all four hoofs and soles, preventing damage to the horn tissue. Livestock with correctly trimmed hoofs are healthy and strong. A cow’s hoof grows on average about 0.5 cm a month.

To keep your livestock healthy, check hoofs regularly and trim them as necessary to ensure optimum comfort and yield. A KVK hoof trimming chute provides the professional hoof trimmer with the best possible equipment. This is the best-selling hoof trimming chute on the market.

KVK chute construction is tried and tested. The chute is easy to use and guarantees the trimmer a correct working posture. This is the ideal way for farmers to resolve day-to-day hoof problems in the herd. You can work with a professional hoof trimmer and together you can take care of your livestock, regularly maintaining hoofs and solving minor problems as they occur. Correctly trimmed hoofs ensure that cattle are healthy and production optimal.