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Hoof trimming chute model 650-SP0

  • Efficient and ergonomic hoof fixation
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and reliable construction
  • Galvanized
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Product benefits


Manual adjustment to 5 different working heights. Gives the hoof trimmer the possibility to do the hoof trimming in a an ergonomic good working posture.

Animal welfare

The animals are fixed gently and the cows are exposed to as little noise as possible.

High quality standards

All the KVK Hydra Klov products are constantly tested and we are focusing on optimizing our products to give our customers the best solutions.

Spare parts

Quick delivery of spare parts.

Product characteristics

Many years of experience
Our chutes are developed on the basic of more than 50 years of experience in producing hoof trimming chutes. Model 650-SP0 is developed for small or medium-sized farms, where the farmer want to take care of the hoof trimming himself. The chutes are constantly tested and optimized to meet  not only the current but also the future requirements.

Great reability
Galvanized surface, a strong electric motor and a tested strong construction ensures a long operating life.

Animal welfare
All functions are mecanically by winch and geared down windlass, which makes it easy to get the leg fixed in an anatomisk correct position for the cow. The gear system ensures that the leg of the animal is not damaged by the pulling force. 


Technical dataModel 650-SP0
Overall length x width247 x 145 cm
Height206 cm
Height lifted237 cm
Height on wheels200-210 cm
Height inside165 cm
Width inside84 cm
Weight500 kg
Electric motor1,1 kW

Further information

Functionality & animal welfare
The claw fixation plate system from KVK efficient supports the trimmer with the functional hoof care and protects the animal. The hydraulic hoof fixation plates ensure that the hoofs are firmly fixed and the trimmer can look at the hoof from above. This enables a natural feeling of work.

High quality requirements
Model SP0 is developed with focus on strong construction, easy use and high operational reliability. The 650-SP0 hoof trimming chute meets the strict requirements of the Machinery Directive:

Directive 2006/42/EC:
DS/EN 60204-1:
DS/EN ISO 13849-1:
Directive 2004/108/EC:

The machine is CE approved.

Maintenance and correct handling
KVK has summarized all the information you need to handle this hoof trimming chute properly in a booklet which is delivered together with the chute.

The right spare parts always at hand
If you need spare parts or have questions about the chute, do not hesitate to directly contact your personal KVK contact person.
Find a list of spare parts and order her.

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