Hoof trimming

How often should the cows get their hoof trimmed?

Preventive hoof care is at least 3 times a year or as a rule of thumb at each 3000KG milk.


How often should you service your hoof trimming chute?

Safety inspection of the hoof trimming chute must be made once a year. The safety inspection has to be carried out by an authorised professional.

What does the service consist off?

Service consists of the following

  • Change of filter and oil (Texaco Rando HDZ 32)
  • Visual check of the hydraulic hoses, pipes and welds
  • Oil change on the brakes
  • Control check of the brakes and lubrication
  • Wearing parts and bolts gets inspected
  • Check of the pressure settings on valves

How often should the hoof trimming chute be lubricated?

The hoof trimming chute must be lubricated as described in the Instruction Manual delivered together with the chute.

Or as a general rule:

– all sliding pieces and guides are greased with graphitic and water-repellent grease as e.g. Texaco Miltifak EP2. Greased daily or if needed.
– all movable parts not fitted with greasing nipples are greased on a daily basis with e.g. spray grease e.g. ProFlex Pro 2020.
– All bearings and hinges should be greased with e.g. spray grease ProFlex Pro 2020 once a week or at least once a month.

Placed marked with label:

Are greased as described in the Instruction Manual.
The latest issue of the Instruction Manual can be ordered at KVK.

How often must I change oil and filter?

Filter and oil must be changed at least once a year. Model 800-1 for every 1200 hours in operation or once a year at the least.
We recommend that filter and oil is changed in the autumn, to so it is fresh for the cold period.  

What is max. pull of the leg ropes?

Max. 250 kg pull on the forelegs and max. 275 kg on the hind legs.

How do I prepare my hoof trimming chute for winter and frost?

It is always a good idea to change oil and filter before winter comes. At temperatures below -10° C we recommend that you switch to a thinner oil (as minimum hydraulic oil 22 – we recommend: Texaco Rando HDZ 22). It is also a good idea to grease the cylinders of the 4 legs with a spray grease.

Which type of oil?

KVK chutes:

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system needs an oil type 32 e.g. Texaco. This type of oil can be bought at any wholesaler. The brand of this oil is not relevant.
If temperature below -15C switch to a thinner oil (hydraulic oil 22 as a minimum e.g. Texaco Rando HDZ 22).

Hoof trimming chute
Model 800-1: approx. 27 litre
Model 650-SP3: approx. 13 litre
SP2/SP2-HY: approx. 10 litre
SP0: approx. 3 litre

Brakes for hoof support
The brakes need an oil type 5W-30. This is a thinner oil than the oil used for the hydraulic system

Lead-in pen
500-1: approx. 3 – 3,5 litre

Motor Trolley:

Hydraulic oil: Texaco Rando HDZ 32 – approx. 9 litre

Motor oil: SAE30 – approx. 0,54 – 0,59 litre.

Please also see Manual supplied together with Motor Trolley


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My hoof trimming chute

How do I customize my hoof trimming chute (Eg. additional cupholder, extra knife holder, etc.)?

We would like to invite you to use our chute configurator, which is available on product page. You just to click it on “Build Your Chute”




Then you will be able to choose power, language and all available extras.

Where do I find the item numbers of the valves and the handles for the valves?

Where to fit right and left brake on model 800-1?


The KVK green is RAL6018.