M A R K  B E R K E R S – a passion for healthy hooves and calm cows

M A R K  B E R K E R S – a passion for healthy hooves and calm cows
Meet Mark – a Canadian hoof trimmer, who has been working with cows most of his life and developed an interest for treating and preventing lameness when he saw how important healthy hooves were to cows. 10 years ago, this passion let him to become a hoof trimmer and for the last 6 years he has run his own hoof trimming business. He loves being able to work with cows every day and being able to see the benefits of his work.
Mark is on his 2nd 800-1, and he tows it in his custom build enclosed trailer, to protect it from the environment and make sure he always has a clean chute to start his workday with. Mark trims on farms that milks between 20-650 cow, but the average herd size is 140 cows. The majority of the farms where he trims is within a 40km radius and he annually trims around 12.000 heads. While doing what he loves, he strives to handle the cows as calmly and quietly as possible and that is also one of the major reasons for choosing his KVK – low noise.
Mark not only has a passion for cows but also for chickens, which he rears together with his wife Megan.
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