Hoof block, wood (11 cm) 100 pcs.

  • 100 pcs.
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Height: 22 mm
  • Universal (right and left)
  • Beechwood


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Product benefits

Easy and quick application

The wooden hoof block is easily and quickly fixed on the hoof.

Animal welfare

The hoof block relieves damaged hoofs and supports the healing process.

High quality

Universal wooden hoof block of the highest quality.

Perfect match

After setting, the hoof block shape can be adjusted with a grinder.

Product characteristic

Accessories that provide protection and comfort for animals during hoof treatments. This wooden block is used together with an adhesive. The hoof block is fixed directly to a healthy hoof to reduces pressure on the damaged hoof. Ideal for treating lameness and hoof problems in cattle.

Easy and quick application
The wooden hoof block is easy and quick to set on the healthy hoof. The block is fixed with a quick-drying adhensive.

High quality
Wooden hoof blocks are made of high quality wood. They have a uniform shape and a smooth surface with contoured grooves.

Animal welfare
The hoof block will provide the cow protection and comfort while achieving full health. It is used to relieve lame or damaged hoofs, thus enabling cows to heal faster and walk with better mobility. Wooden hoof blocks are the perfect match to the adhesives from famous brands such as Hoof-Tite and CowDream.

Further information

How to set a block
The healthy hoof is trimmed and dryed before the hoof block is set. Apply and suitable adhesive. The adhesive will set within 30 secunds and after 2-3 minutes the cow is walking. Please note that the adhesive shall not be applied to the heel section.

We do also offer 13 cm wooden hoof blocks and 11 cm wedges hoof blocks.

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