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CowDream Hoof knife Rainbow left

  • Left
  • Great durability
  • Wooden handle
  • Knife blade made of high quality steel
  • Easy to sharpen, stays sharp for a long time
  • Length 68 mm, width 9 mm


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Product benefits

High quality steel

The blade is made of a special high quality steel.

Designed knife blade

The design of the knife blade ensures easy modelling of the hoof..

Ergonomic grip

The handle is design for the optimal ergonomic grip, which supports the work flow of the user.   

Sharp and long-lasting blade

The blade is from origins very sharp, which optimizes the trimming and makes for a more precise cut. 

Product characteristic

High quality steel
Knife blade made of refined high strength steel. Ensures great durability and prolonger the intervals between the sharpenings

Ergonomic grip
The handle of the CowDream Rainbow knife is made of hardwood. The shape has been designed to optimally fit your hand and enable fast and efficient work.

Designed blade structure
The sharp geometry of the blade and its sharpness are ideally suited to work with hard feet allowing easy shaping of the hoof.

Sharp and long-lasting blade
Blade designed from materials that ensure sharpness for a long time and precise cuts.

Further information

The CowDream Rainbow hoof correction knife is a great choice when it comes to blade quality. The highest quality steel from which the blade was made ensures long-term sharpness of the blade and cutting precision. The ergonomic wooden handle provides convenience and comfort during everyday work during the hoof correction procedure in cattle.

In our offer you can also find right-handed CowDream Rainbow hoof knife and in a version with loop blade.

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