Frame for lead-in pen model 200

  • Secure a safe connection between chute and stable
  • Galvanized steel frame with gate
  • Complete with lock and fitting for chute 


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Product benefits

Effective cow traffic

The galvanized steel frame for lead-in pen model 200 enables an effective cow traffic towards the hoof trimming chute. 

Increased safety

The frame creates a safe connection between the fixtures of the barn and the hoof trimming chute. This helps increasing the safety for both animals and hoof trimmers.


High quality

The frames are as all KVK products made in accordance to the high quality standards of KVK Hydra Klov. 

Ready to be used

Model 200 steel frame is delivered complete ready to be used. The included mounting brackets suits all KVK hydraulic hoof trimming chutes.

Product characteristics

The frame model 200 is a good solution for farmes and an obvious extension to the KVK hydraulic hoof trimming chutes. The frame model 200 provides a safe cow traffic into the hoof trimming chute. The frame model 200 can used in combinated with the existing inventory of the barn.

Further information

The galvanized steel frame model 200 can be enlarge by adding more gates and configure it to your needs. The possibility of enlarging the frame with other KVK products makes is a very flexible and a long-lasting solution. 

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