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Front and center- strong and stable

Front and center- strong and stable

We have updated the design of our front gate to accommodate the need for a narrower distance between the two gates. Furthermore the new design made it more stable, solid and flexible.

Reinforced Front Gate
The new front gate has been reinforced, which means that it is now constructed in one piece. This make the front gate much stronger and stable.

Replacement of Grease Nipple
The grease nipple has been replaced. It is now placed horizontal on the front door hinge. This provides a better protection of the nipple from the cow, when this enters the chute.

4 ways of adjustments
The new front gate has 4 ways of adjusting the width of the front gate, making it easier to handle small cows as well accommodating the trimming of larger live stock.

Horizontal placement of handle for adjustment
The handle for adjustment has been replaced so it is now placed horizontal on the backside of the front gate. This means that it is easier to grease. Furthermore we have minimized the risk of water gathering in the handle, exposing it for the risk of rusting.

Smaller distance
The distance between the two front gates has become much smaller both in top and bottom, making the chute more suitable for smaller cows.

Length between the two front gates:

 New Front GatesOld Front Gates