Hoof trimming disc Z3 DVS Ø100 mm

  • 3 knives
  • Closed
  • Diameter 100 mm
  • Very aggressive
  • No heating of the claw
  • Shorter work time
  • No dust and odour
  • Recommended speed for best efficiency 9,000 – 10,000 per minute


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Product benefits

Fast and efficient work

DVS Z3 hoof trimming disc is very aggressive, which is why it is recommended for experienced hoof trimmers.

No dust and odour

Working with the Z3 disc does not create dust or odor.

No over heating of the hoof

The Z3 DVS disc does not heat the hoof during the hoof trimming procedure.


3 knives hardened toolox steel open

Product characteristic

Fast and efficient work
The Z3 DVS hoof trimming disc is a very aggressive disc, working with it is very fast and efficient. It is recommended only for experienced professional hoof trimmers. The DVS Z3 trimming disc is essential for hoof care. Therefore, the disc must be made of the highest quality materials so that the work of the hoof trimmers is safe and easy. The Z3 shield not only ensures safety at work, but also saves costs in the long run.

No over heating of the claw
During the hoof trimming procedure working with the Z3 disc there is no risk of heating the claw.

No dust and odour
The Z3 trimming disc helps the hoof trimmers achieve a high level of claw chip removal. Symmetrical arrangement of knives allows precise cutting. No unnecessary amount of dust or smell is emitted during the treatment.

DVS Z3 hoof trimming disc is made of steel and high quality hardened tool steel. Designed to work on hoof trimming in cattle. Three sharp blades ensure very fast trimming of claws.

Further information

Z3 hoof trimming disc with 100 mm diameter, made of high quality materials is a very aggressive disc. We achieve the best results working at a speed of 9000-10000 revolutions per minute. It is recommended for advanced and experienced hoof trimmers. The purchase of the Z3 DVS disc is an expense that pays off thanks to its long performance and fast work.

For these discs you need a very good leg fixation.


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