CowDream Hoof gel 38%

  • Safe in use
  • Easy to dose
  • 500 ml
  • 38% salicylic acid
  • 10% Aloe vera
  • Pain relief
  • Eliminates swelling and inflammation

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Product benefits

Safe in use

Simple and safe in use for cow and hoof trimmmer or farmer, while it allows for more precise treatment of eg. Digital dermatitis or Limax


10% Aloe vera

The aloe vera is particularly good and useful in the rebuild of new skin in the treated area.

Easy to dose

The shape of the tip and soft material of the bottle makes it easier to dose and be more precise in treating the exposed area.

Pain relief

The gel works quickly in treating the pain and disinfecting the exposed area.

Product characteristic

Safe in use
Thanks to its consistency, the gel is safe to use for animals and hoof corrector. It is very effective against digital dermatitis, limax and other similar hoof diseases in cattle.

Easy to dose
The packaging in which the gel is located has an optimal shape thanks to which it is easily held in the hand, a bottle made of a material that is easy to squeeze and precisely dispense the product to the diseased place. The tip allows you to apply the gel exactly where you need it.

10% Aloe vera and 38% salicylic acid
In addition to salicylic acid, the gel also contains aloe vera, thanks to which the tissue regenerates and rebuilds much faster. When applied to the affected area, salicylic acid helps the skin shed dead epidermis from the upper layer. In addition, it reduces redness, swelling and inflammation.

Pain relief
The gel works quickly and effectively, reduces swelling, eliminates swelling, cleanses, and above all analgesic.

Further information

How to apply
Carefully prepare the affected area by washing thoroughly with a warm soap solution, and then dry the surface on which the CowDream hoof gel is to be applied. Apply the gel to the area to be treated, then apply cotton wool and a bandage that will retain dirt and water.

After a maximum of 48 hours, check the dressing and replace if necessary. After about 5-7 days, remove the dressing and rub the wound. If necessary, wear a new bandage. Cotton wool and bandage should be well-ventilated because oxygen in the surrounding air has a positive effect on the healing of the affected area. The gel quickly removes pain and disinfects the wound. Brings excellent results and cares for the skin in a balanced way. The gel is very easy to dispense thanks to the soft plastic bottle combined with the dispensing opening. Due to its consistency, it sticks directly to the treated surface. It is best to store the gel with the cap down because it prevents the gel from flowing faster during use. When opening a new bottle, do not cut the cap too short, otherwise the lid will not hold properly and will not protect the hole. The product has a very long shelf life, but should not be stored too high or too low temperatures.

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